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Crown Stewardship Institute, DRC

In the Democratic Republic of Congo we partner with Crown Stewardship Institute DRC, a new project we are helping to setup since mid 2023.

Mobali Namuhindura, founder of CSI DRC, has been trained in Malawi and is now a trainer for Foundation for Farming and Money Mapping. 



Founder of CSI DRC

We got to know Mobali at Crowns Blantyre during our first visit to Malawi in 2021. A friendship evolved and more visits followed. When Mobali announced to go back to DRC, we decided to actively support his endeavour.

CSI DRC was founded in the Democratic Republic in Congo by Mobali Namuhindura in 2023. Since completing the Foundation for Farming (FfF) and African Money Map training, Mobali has been relentless about helping and training others. His passion and love for the DRC led him to establish the CSI DRC where he seeks to help communities that have been disrupted by years of civil war, poverty, and hunger and aims to equip them to return to security, stability and hope.

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