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Are you ready to challenge your worldview? Only when we learn how to think outside the box of Western culture and accept its shortcomings, we're able to truly help. 

We want to help you to get a genuine impression of Malawi by offering short-term volunteering trips to Agabu. If you're looking for a more long-term opportunity, we are happy to help by mobilizing our large local network.

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Do you want to become a part of what we do?

These are our Bank Details:

CH47 0900 0000 1627 7179 9

PostFinance AG



zäme unterwägs

Haldenstrasse 41

CH - 8306 Brüttisellen


Journey along.



Our 17hr journey takes us through Ethiopia to Blantyre, where we'll stay the night and adjust a little bit. From there we'll drive 3hrs into the bush to Agabu, our main destination.


Getting your hands dirty

Agabu will become an oasis in the midst of the african wilderness. We'll be joining the school of sustainable development, help out in the clinic, spend time with the kids and help with the building of our house. 



After some time in the bush we'll take 2-3 days off to explore some of the beauty of this country and start to process all experiences. Animal watching and some sightseeing will be on the program.



To be exposed to such a different culture can be quite challenging. The outreach therefore includes a debrief time to process all of it, partly in Malawi and partly afterwards back in Switzerland.

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