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Growth Center Agabu, Malawi

Together with our local partners from Extending Hope, we are helping to build up Agabu, a technology and schooling hub in the midst of the African bush.

Through close collaboration with the local communities, Agabu experienced radical transformation over recent years. In 2016 a Bush Clinic has been built to serve the most immediate needs of the people. On a yearly basis, the place is hosting the School for Sustainable Development (SSD), which is teaching novel farming techniques to students coming from all around Africa.

Zäme Unterwägs joined this endeavor in 2021 and is focusing on international exchange of knowledge.


Mathews Banda

Guesthouse Manager

We started working with Mathews in early 2022 through a recommendation from our friend, Decent Levson.

Mathews studied Business Administration in Zomba (Malawi) and finds a solution to every problem. His Can-Do attitude was of great help not only during the construction phase of the Guesthouse, but also now, as we are taking up operations.

Since 2023, Mathews is officially affiliated with Extending Hope, the local organisation running the various projects in Agabu. His work involves budgeting & accounting for the Clinic and School, as well as sometimes jumping in as a teacher.


About 10 years ago Mathews spent some time in Switzerland and even came to like Fondue!



Making Agabu a lively place.


We strongly believe in the value of intercultural exchange - especially within Africa.

The Guesthouse is operational since early 2023 and features rooms for up to 22 guests per night. The large living room and the veranda can be used to hold workshops and teaching sessions.

Regular revenue from hosting guests allows us to hire more workers and encourage them to thrive.

Life in Agabu

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